01 abril 2007

Películas de monstruos

Una web dedicada a los monstruos de las películas de ciencia ficción con mucho material, imprescindible visitar la sección musical que tiene material flipante.

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Unknown dijo...

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD is the subject of Frank Zappa's song CHEEPNIS

here's his opening rap:

FZ: "Cheepnis." Let me tell you something, do you like monster movies? Anybody? I LOVE monster movies, I simply adore monster movies, and the cheaper they are, the better they are. And cheepnis in the case of a monster movie has nothing to do with the budget of the film, although it helps, but true cheepnis is exemplified by visible nylon strings attached to the jaw of a giant spider . . . I'll tell you, a good one that I saw one time, I think the name of the film was "IT CONQUERED THE WORLD," and the . . . Did you ever see that one? The monster looks sort of like an inverted ice-cream cone with teeth around the bottom. It looks like a (phew!), like a teepee or . . . sort of a rounded off pup-tent affair

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oskitar dijo...

Thanks men!
I love Phrank Zappa.